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Farm Gates, Farm Fencing & Corral Panels

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Our goal is to offer our customers a large range of products at amazing prices. We deal directly with factories, passing the savings directly to you.

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We wholesale directly to our customers, which results in the most affordable prices on the market.

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We find the best prices and the quickest shipping times for shipping throughout Canada and the US.

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Farm Fencing, Livestock Panels & More

Fast shipping and low prices on wholesale farm equipment

Edge Wholesale Direct is proud to offer all of our customers, from the smallest hobby farms to the largest commercial operations, fast shipping, low prices, and the chance to buy direct. We understand how frustrating it can be when you have to waste your time shopping around for the best prices on livestock fencing and farm fencing products. That's why shopping at Edge Wholesale Direct will always mean getting the best and most competitive pricing, so that you can stretch your budget rather then watch it dwindle.

Our main goal at Edge Wholesale Direct is to offer our customers the fastest shipping and the lowest prices on our wide variety of products (farm gates, farm fencing, livestock fencing, wire fencing, etc.). Our ability to provide our customers with fast shipping across Canada and the US is a by-product of our great relationships with various trucking companies. These relationships also allow us to stay up to date on the best prices and the fastest shipping times. We also work side by side with factories to ensure the highest quality farm fencing products and prices for our customers.

Affordable prices on agriculture and livestock fencing

At Edge Wholesale Direct, we choose to sell our livestock and agricultural fencing products directly to our customers, cutting out the retail outlets. Doing so, allows us to offer our customers the most affordable prices on the market for livestock fencing, farm fencing, livestock panels, wire fencing, farm gates, and more.

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