4' x 8' - 10 Gauge Concrete Mesh 6x6 Hole Spacing

Product Details

Size: 8' High
Width: 4' Wide
Material: Concrete Mesh
Strength: 10 Gauge
PRICE: $ 12.95

Product Description

- 6" x 6" Hole Structure

If you are thinking about pouring a new concrete slab on your property, using concrete mesh products like 4' x 8' 10-gauge concrete mesh can help provide your new slab with added strength and durability. All 4' x 8' 10-gauge concrete mesh products come with a 6"-x-6”-hole structure and are constructed from high tensile, galvanized wire mesh which is ideal for improving the tensile strength of a concrete slab.

To learn more about our selection of galvanized wire mesh for concrete, including 4' x 8' 10-gauge concrete mesh, get in touch with the professional team from Edge Wholesale Direct today. We would love to help you select the best concrete wire mesh products for your unique project requirements.