6.5′ High Tensile Deer Fence 165'

Product Details

Size: 6.5'
Length: 165'
Weight: 120 lbs
Material: Class 1 hot dipped galvanized
Strength: 14.5 gauge high tensile
PRICE: $ 169.95

Product Description

- 4" x 6" - 8" x 6" Progressive Hole Structure
- Fixed knot helps hold the wire in place.

If you are looking to install deer proof fencing to contain deer or elk or to keep predators off of your property, 6.5' high tensile deer fence 165' might be the perfect solution for you. This type of deer fencing is class 1 hot dipped galvanized and provides a 14.5-gauge high tensile strength. All 6.5' high tensile deer fence 165' products come with a 4" x 6" to 8" x 6" progressive hole structure and fixed knots to help hold the wires in place.

To learn more about 6.5' high tensile deer fence 165' or about any of our other deer fencing for sale, please contact Edge Wholesale Direct today. Our team of farm fencing experts would love to help you select the best high tensile wire fencing for your specific requirements.