Deer Fence 6.5' x 165'

Product Details

Size: 6.5' High
Length: 165'
Weight: 100 lbs
Material: Class 1 Galvanized Steel
Strength: 12.5 Gauge Top and Bottom, 14.5 Gauge Middle
PRICE: $ 139.95

Product Description

-4"x6" Hole structure for first 5' then progresses to 6"x8" at top
-Hinge Joint
-6.5' x 165'

If you are looking for the best farm fencing to keep deer out of your garden, deer fence 6.5' x 165' is made from class 1 galvanized steel and offers a 12.5-gauge strength at the top and bottom of the fence with a 14.5-gauge strength in the middle. This type of deer farm fence comes complete with a 4"-x-6”-hole structure for the first 5' followed by a 6"-x-8"-hole structure at the top, as well as hinge joints for added durability.

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