6' Woven No Climb 100'

Product Details

Size: 6' High
Length: 100'
Material: Galvanized Steel

Strength: 14.5 Gauge

PRICE: $ 159.95

-2" x 4" hole structure

Since it is made from class 1 hot dipped galvanized steel and offers a 12.5-gauge strength along the top and bottom and a 14.5-guage strength in the middle, woven no climb 6' x 100' fencing is strong enough to withstand the wear and tear of everyday us. All woven no climb 6' x 100' fences are designed with hinge joint knots and a 2"-x-4" hole structure, making it difficult for predators to climb the fence and get at your livestock.

No matter what kind of wire fence your looking to buy, our team of farm fencing experts can help you choose the best fencing products for your exact needs. Get in touch with the team from Edge Wholesale Direct today to learn more about woven no climb 6' x 100' fencing and whether or not it is the right fencing solution for you.