6' Woven No Climb 100'

Product Details

Size: 6' High
Length: 100'
Material: Galvanized Steel

Strength: 14.5 Gauge

PRICE: $ 139.95

Made from galvanized steel, woven no climb 6' x 100' farm fencing is the perfect option for everyday farm use. This type of woven wire no climb fence offers a higher level of durability, thanks to its 14.5-gauge strength, and is available at an affordable price, making it easy to get as much wire fencing as you need.

Choosing the right type of woven no climb fence for your particular wants and needs does not have to be a challenge. Get in touch with the expert team from Edge Wholesale Direct today to find out more about woven no climb fence 6' x 100' and whether or not it is the right type of wire fencing for you.