Sheep Fence 3' x 330'

Product Details

Size: 36" x 330'
Weight: -135lbs
Material: 12.5 gauge top and bottom, 14.5 gauge middle
Strength: Class 1 hot dipped galvanized
PRICE: $ 224.95

Product Description

If you are looking for the ideal sheep mesh fencing, sheep and goat fence 3' x 330' might be the perfect solution for you. This type of sheep and goat fencing is constructed from 4" x 4" holes to help prevent injuries to sheep and goats and features a 12.5-gauge top and bottom and a 14.5-gauge middle. This field fence for sheep is also class 1 hot-dipped galvanized for added strength and durability.

Sheep and goat fence 3' x 330' can easily be lined with barbed wire along the top to help deter predators from entering the enclosure. If you would like to learn more about this kind of woven wire sheep and goat fence or if you would like more information about sheep fencing prices, please get in touch with the farm fencing experts from EDGE Wholesale Direct today.