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The Importance of Livestock Panels

Regardless of what kind of herd you are raising, having a good fencing system in place can help to keep your animals where you want them and safe from harm. One of the easiest and sturdiest fencing systems to install are livestock panels and, at Edge Wholesale Direct, we carry a wide variety of this type of fencing. We know the importance of livestock panels to farmers and ranchers, which is why we supply livestock panels to clients across BC and Alberta.

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Benefits of Livestock Panels

Livestock panels offer a couple of advantages as a fencing solution that other types of fences do not offer. These benefits include:

Livestock Panels are Versatile

Most types of livestock panels can be used in a variety of situations. Because the panels are able to be used in non-permanent settings, panels that were used to direct cattle traffic one day can be used to corral a herd and prepare it for a sale the next.

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Livestock Panels are Portable

Livestock panels are relatively easy to move from place to place due to their sturdy and easy-to-assemble nature.

There are Many Types of Livestock Panels

Whether you are enclosing horses, sheep, cattle, chickens, or even rabbits, there is a type of livestock panel that will serve your purpose. Livestock panels are available as simple galvanized frameworks or with wire mesh to keep in smaller animals and they come in almost any size that a farm could need.

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Types of Livestock Panels

The type of livestock panel that a farm will require will vary with the type of animals being enclosed, the size and purpose of the fence, and the type of predators that need to be kept out. Larger livestock, such as cattle, llamas, or horses will require a sturdier type of fencing panel than smaller animals such as goats or sheep; however, these smaller animals will require livestock panels that have smaller gaps between the bars to prevent their escape. If a fence is going to be temporary, using a type of livestock panel that is easier to move will be beneficial, as some livestock panels require fenceposts or stakes to be driven into the ground. The most common use for livestock panels is for horse paddocks and corrals, as the mobility and sturdiness of these panels offer an excellent solution for these strong animals that are always on the move. When taking horses to new destinations, portable corrals that use livestock panels offer a  comfortable environment for horses to move about freely while staying contained.

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