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Livestock Panels & Round Pens

Livestock panels and round pens are a great addition to any farm or ranch and should be treated as a long-term investment. At Edge Wholesale, we carry a large variety of livestock panels and round pens suitable to various applications.

What are welded mesh panels and are they the right choice for you?

All of our livestock panels and round pens are portable, durable and long-lasting. We supply both light-duty and heavy-duty paneling depending on the type of livestock that is being contained. Our smaller, lightweight panels are ideal for smaller, less aggressive livestock such as sheep and goats. Our heavy-duty round pen panels are perfect for horse training.

Why are livestock panels so important?

Horse round pen panels

Horse round pen panels are primarily used to create an isolated, one-on-one training environment for horses. They are especially useful for training young, while horses. At Edge Wholesale, our horse round pen panels are both durable and mobile. Loading them into a truck or trailer for transportation purposes is easy. During training, horses can often become unpredictable and aggressive; therefore, it is important to have round pen panels that have been manufactured using heavy-duty materials. We supply round pen panels in various sizes and specifications.

Welded mesh panels for agricultural fencing and farming

Livestock panels

At Edge Wholesale, we carry a large supply of various livestock panels, ideal for livestock containment. Our light-duty, mesh livestock panels are ideal for the containment of sheep and goats. We also carry a 4’ sheep and goat frame gate that can be pinned together with the mesh panels. Similar to our horse round pen panels, our livestock panels are portable and easy to transfer.

Livestock wire fencing for farms and ranches 

The advantage of choosing Edge Wholesale for farming and agriculture equipment is the strong relationships that we have with equipment manufactures and factories. By working directly with the factories, we are able to supply our customers with incredible products at unbeatable prices. Start a conversation with us today and learn more about how we can help you save money on farm and agriculture equipment.

What material works best for livestock panels?

If you would like to learn more about livestock panels and round pens, please contact Edge Wholesale at 604-857-2436. Our wholesale agriculture equipment experts can help you find the right livestock paneling for your farm or ranch. At Edge Wholesale, we specialize in the direct wholesaling of farm fencing, paneling, gating and more.