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Why Should Farms Use Rubber Mats?

If you own a dairy farm or other agricultural application that handles cattle, you likely utilize many different types of equipment in your daily operations. While fencing, feeders, and other equipment are undoubtedly important, it is equally crucial to consider the flooring equipment used for your cows and your facility. Though concrete or wooden floors are a popular choice for many applications, they are not the safest or most comfortable option on the market. That is why many operations are installing durable rubber mats for their livestock and working surfaces. As leading providers of rubber mats and other vital farm equipment, the team at Edge Wholesale Direct knows how beneficial the right equipment can be. That is why we have provided some information to help you understand why farms should use rubber mats in their facilities.

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5 Reasons Why Farms Should Use Rubber Mats

Rubber mats offer the following benefits for farms and agricultural operations of all sizes, especially if they handle cattle:

1. Enhanced Safety

Rubber mats are designed to increase traction and drastically reduce the risk of slips, trips, and falls. This is especially important for operations located in rainy or icy climates, as concrete and wood can become extremely slippery when wet. To keep yourself, your workers, and your livestock safe, it is a great idea to invest in textured rubber mats for your facilities.

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2. Increased Health and Comfort for Livestock

Rubber mats can minimize the risk of foot and joint disorders in your livestock that can occur when they stand on concrete surfaces for extended periods. Most rubber mats are also designed to mimic the feeling of grass, enhancing comfort for dairy cows while promoting better general health.

3. Better Insulation

The installation of cow rubber mats significantly reduces the transfer of cold and heat from the floor. These insulating properties help to protect cows and other livestock against rheumatism, fatigue, and other hazards caused by extreme temperatures.

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4. Hygienic and Easy to Clean

All rubber mats are designed to be easy to clean and disinfect. They are non-porous and do not retain moisture, allowing for better waste drainage to ensure better sanitary conditions. This makes them exceptionally easy to clean and maintain, especially when compared to other flooring materials.

5. Durable and Cost-Effective

Every rubber mat is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and everyday wear and tear caused by livestock to ensure lasting performance. While rubber mats may require a moderate initial investment to cover your floors, their durability and other benefits are more than worth it. For example, if these rubber mats help keep your cows safe and healthy, you will not need to spend money treating and caring for sick animals.

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