Poultry Accessories

EDGE Wholesale Direct sells poultry accessories at wholesale prices to customers in Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Langley, Kelowna, Edmonton and Calgary. Poultry accessories include poultry crates, heavy duty poultry creates, water and feed troughs and small animal kennels and coops.

Poultry Crate

$ 32.95 (10 or more $28.95)

Can fit 8-12 birds per crate

Heavy Duty Poultry Crate

$ 42.95 (10 or more $39.95)

Crates are stackable

Water/Feed Trough

$ 76.95

6.3’ long x 1’ high, great for chickens, pigs etc. Galvanized. Drill a hole in it for feed or slop or leave as is for water

7’ x 8’ x 48” Coop/Small Animal Kennel

$ 379.95

7’ x 8’ x 48” , removable back piece to be able to add a hutch, or dog house.  Front latch door.