Poultry Crates

Product Details

Length: 75cm
Width: 55cm
Height: 27cm
Material: -
Strength: -
PRICE: $ 32.95 (28.95 10 or more)

Product Description

Can fit 8-12 birds per crate.

If you are looking for an easier way to transport your poultry from one location to the next, purchasing a poultry crate from Edge Wholesale Direct might be the perfect solution for you. Poultry crates are 75cm long, 55cm wide, and 27cm tall, providing enough room to transport 8-12 birds at a time. All of our poultry crates for sale are available at an affordable price with a discount on orders for 10 crates or more.

To learn more about our selection of crates for chickens, please get in touch with the professionals from Edge Wholesale Direct. We would love to help you select the ideal plastic poultry transport crates, as well as to answer any questions you might have about our other poultry accessories.