Welded Mesh Panel (4″x4″)

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Product No. 2018 8' x 52" $29.95
Product No. 2020 16' x 52" $49.95
Welded mesh panel is a type of fencing material made by welding wires together in a grid pattern. The wires are made of Class 1 galvanized steel to prevent rust & rot. Welded mesh panels are strong and durable, and can be used for a variety of applications, including security fencing, animal containment, industrial uses and Home & Garden applications. They come in a variety of sizes and can be easily cut to size. They can be attached to wood or metal posts using clips or wire, and are relatively easy to install. They are a cost-effective solution for many fencing needs and provide a clear visibility and good air circulation.

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Length: 8′ & 16′

Height: 52″

Material: Class 1 Galvanized Steel

Strength: 8 Gauge

Weight: 15lbs/30lbs

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Welded Mesh Panel (4″x4″)

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