4”x4” Welded Mesh Panel 16' x 52”

Product Details

Size: 52” High
Length: 16'
Weight: 40 lbs
Material: Galvanized Steel
Strength: 8 Gauge
PRICE: $ 49.95

Product Description

-4" x 4" Hole Structure
-Excellent for patio/deck railings, pens, and quick fencing

4" x 4" welded mesh panels 16' x 52" provide the perfect solution for patios, decks, pens, and quick fencing needs. Thanks to its galvanized steel construction and 8-gauge strength, this type of welded mesh panel can easily withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. All 4" x 4"welded mesh panels 16' x 52" come with a 4"-x-4"-hole structure and only weigh 20lb.

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