Livestock Feeders

EDGE Wholesale Direct sells a variety of livestock feeders throughout BC and Alberta, please contact us for a dealer near you.

Round Bale Horse Feeder

$ 269.95

Medium duty, 7.5' diameter

Heavy Duty Tombstone Feeder

$ 499.95

Solid base to prevent spillage, 7' diameter.

Slant Bar Feeder

$ 279.95

Diameter 8'3", bolts together.

4' Sheep and Goat Feeder

$ 169.95

Galvanized, 4’ long x 3’ 3” high, Grain tray bottom.

Round Bale Feeder With Roof

$ 899.00

Metal roof, galvanized, removal sides to put round bales into feeder, 6.6’ square, 7.3’ high. Bars are spaced 11 1/2” apart. Keeps hay off the ground and protects hay from getting wet.

Sheep and Goat Feeder With Roof

$ 399.95

4’ wide x 5.6’ high, slow feeder top grain tray bottom, galvanized, keeps hay dry to prevent waste.  

5’ x 5’ Horse Feeder

$ 399.95

Slow Feeder top with grain tray bottom, galvanized, mud legs.  

Manger Feeder

$ 139.95

2’ x 2’ x 2’, Ubolts for attaching to panes or rails in stalls, Galvanized.