Livestock Feeders

EDGE Wholesale Direct sells a variety of livestock feeders at wholesale prices in Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Langley, Kelowna, Edmonton and Calgary. The livestock feeders include round bale horse feeders, heavy duty tombstone feeders, slant bar feeders, sheep and goat feeders, round bale feeders with roofs, sheep and goat feeders with roofs, and manger feeders.

Round Bale Horse Feeder

$ 269.95

Medium duty, 7.5' diameter

Heavy Duty Tombstone Feeder

$ 499.95

Solid base to prevent spillage, 7' diameter.

Slant Bar Feeder

$ 279.95

Diameter 8'3", bolts together.

4' Sheep and Goat Feeder

$ 169.95

Galvanized, 4’ long x 3’ 3” high, Grain tray bottom.

Round Bale Feeder With Roof

$ 899

Metal roof, galvanized, removal sides to put round bales into feeder, 6.6’ square, 7.3’ high. Bars are spaced 11 1/2” apart. Keeps hay off the ground and protects hay from getting wet.

Sheep and Goat Feeder With Roof

$ 399.95

4’ wide x 5.6’ high, slow feeder top grain tray bottom, galvanized, keeps hay dry to prevent waste.  

5’ x 5’ Horse Feeder

$ 399.95

Slow Feeder top with grain tray bottom, galvanized, mud legs.  

Manger Feeder

$ 139.95

2’ x 2’ x 2’, Ubolts for attaching to panes or rails in stalls, Galvanized.