Corral Panels & Cattle Panels for Livestock

Whether you are looking for livestock panels for sale in BC or Alberta or need help deciding between heavy-duty livestock panels and portable corral panels, our team can help you make the best decision for your unique requirements. All of our livestock fence panels for cattle corrals—livestock mesh panels, steel fence panels, galvanized livestock fence panels, livestock feeder panels, and portable cattle fence panels—can be used to contain a wide range of different animals.

If you are unsure about what type of livestock panels will work best for your farm and livestock, get in touch with our expert team today. We would love to help you select the best portable wholesale livestock panels for your farm's corral.

Light duty livestock panels for farming
Light Duty Corral Panel

$ 56.95



Medium duty livestock panels for farming
Medium Duty Corral Panel

$ 79.95



Medium Duty Walk Through Panel w/Gate
$ 159.95


Medium Duty Ride Through Gate
$ 249.95


Light duty walk through panels for farming
Light Duty Walk Through Panel w/Gate

$ 119.95



7' x 54" Sheep and Goat Mesh Panel
$ 59.95
Light Duty


4' Sheep and Goat Frame Gate
$ 89.95
Pins together with sheep and goat panels. Light duty, green.


Portable 7' x 53" Panel
$ 44.95
Lightweight and great for portable corrals, fitting into horse trailers, minis and sheep.
12' x 5' Medium Duty Galvanized Panel
$ 114.95
12' Ultra Panel
$ 139.95
5' Medium Duty Galvanized Frame Gate
$ 159.95
12' Medium Duty Galvanized Panel with Walkthrough Gate
$ 199.95
7' Sheep and Goat Panel with Gate
$ 99.95